Frequently Asked Questions

While all the information may not be here, please do check out our communication channels on Discord™️ and Telegram™️ for more infomation found at the header or at the bottom of the page.

UniDex does have its own token on the ETH mainnet offering some benefits for holders or traders on the platform. The UNIDX token can be used to save on platform fees, get trading fee rebates, or even be rewarded with a percentage of the fees UniDex makes. There is no BEP20 token for UNIDX at the current moment.

The token exists on the FTM network with the contract address - 0x2130d2a1e51112d349ccf78d2a1ee65843ba36e0. The ETH Token currently has no liquidity as all liquidity exists on Fantom Opera.

All liquidity exists on Fantom at the current moment and can be traded on UniDex to get the best price.

There is no staking required or offered for the UNIDX token. Instead, holders simply hold in their wallet and be automagically airdropped reward. Its that simple! just hold and earn as platform volume grows. You can learn more about the process here on our docs.

UniDex targets traders who want a more informative and data driven trading experince. While our interface is designed for more experienced traders, our liquidity engine still provides any trader big or small, with the best returns on the market. We are a platform for traders for any chain, financial instrument, or style of trading.

We had our inital closed beta starting from December 6th, then moved to open beta on the 25th of January. We've been expanding since in terms of offerings and UX updates.

You can find out current updated roadmap here and check our youtube channel here which features sneak peaks and updates livestreamed every Saturday.

You're right, aggregation is a great tool for trading and efficeny. However, we apply a no-bias method for sourcing liquidity and trade routes. So while platforms like 0x provides better returns compared to 1inch 7/10 times. We fill that 30% gap and always source the best aggreagtor, liquidity source, or engine to trade from. Knowing youll always get the best return due to constantly adopting any new aggregator, DEX, or liquidity protocol. UniDex provides an unfair edge in the market for traders.

You can find our social links at the bottom of this page, but you can also find our other channels such as our announcement channel found here, youtube channel here, or return to our landing page here for any new information.

We condcuted our pre-sale Nov 6, 2020 with a presale price of 0.00002 ETH per UNIDX token. We raised around $25,000 and all unsold tokens have been burned. UniDex currently has no capital backers, however open to the oppertunity. If you would like to discuss more then contract us at

Krunal Amin, the founder of the project, started UniDex as cryptocurrency markets were lacking in the tools and techology provided to traders that are standard in traditional markets like stocks and forex. Since then we've expanded our team in multiple positions and are still looking to grow. Let us know in our communication channels or email for avaliable oppertunites.

You can use our contact us form at the top or reach out to us at directly.

Once you connect your wallet you just need the native currency to conduct swaps on the platform. For example, if you are trading on the BSC mainnet, then you just need bnb to trade any BEP20 token.

Vist the app to get started. Video coming soon.

Your wallet may vary, but using your wallets network selector and connecting to the appropriate network will let you get started to trade on speific non cross-chain protocols.

By looking up your wallet on the appropriate block explorer such as etherscan or bscscan, you can view your balance history and find your recent payouts. Rewards are sent the othe address holding the UNIDX which excludes CEX exchanges unless partnered and made specially for.

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