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Hundreds of liquidity sources, multiple aggregators, and cross-chain trading. Never worry about liquidity for any financial instrument ever again.


Instant accesible liquidity


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Trade spot markets, derivatives, view data rich analytics, and more added every day

What is unidex?

UniDex aggregates all your financial activity when trading. Whether swaps, options, futures, margin trading, or lending markets. UniDex breaks up and delivers the most efficent route for any financial instrument.UniDex always displays the best rate because of our relayer network, which acts as an aggregator to other liquidity aggregators as well.

Limit-orders on any DEX

Any DEX or aggregator can be traded with limit-orders on any chain. Our relayer system doesn't require a maker to fill an order allowing reliable fills at any time.

Strongest Aggregation

UniDex has the strongest aggregation system powered by the Mirai Liquidity Engine. This allows for other aggregators to be aggregated from including even futures, margin, or options products.

Cross Chain

All chains are supported by the UniDex terminal so users have easy access to Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Cosmos, Avalanche, and Solana. UniDex provides instant access to any financial market on any blockchain.

Mirai Liquidity Engine

Introducing the backbone of the UniDex trading terminal. The Mirai Liquidity Engine aggregates any financial activity such as spot trading, option protocols, derivative instruments, or even other aggregators. Instead of competing with other aggregators, UniDex will aggregate all existing protocols and aggregators to ensure the user receives the best trade execution gas included.

Get Rewarded
For holding UNIDX

50% of all trading fees generated gets distributed to token holders automatically and daily. No need for complicated staking systems or vaults. Just hold and get airdropped your rewards.

DeFi Financial Hub

Find all your trading products like spot markets, leverage, options, interest rate markets, and an ever expanding list of other financial instruments to trade. Make your trading session more organized and data rich to extract the most profits from the market.

200+ supported protocols

Countless DeFi intergrations for your trading needs.
The UniDex ecosystem connects the best from all trading protocols, lending markets,
and yield optimizers for the largest crypto-currency hub.

Meet the Team

The hardest working team delivering paradise for cryptocurrency traders

Gor Shipaktsyan
Full Stack Developer

Andrés Ruiz
Back End Developer

Krunal Amin
CEO & Founder

JT McHorse
Front End Developer

Marta Brezden
UI/UX Designer


Crypto marketing firm helping UniDex grow in size, users, and branch reach globally


Crypto development firm building solutions for the cryptocurrency ecosystem


Advisors and consultants to the UniDex project and many others

and still onboarding new partners and members to the UNIDEX alliance

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